Dienstag, 28. Oktober 2014

Thank you! ♥

Today it's 45 days since I left my home country to start a whole new life in the United States. Being an exchange sudent is awesome, but definitly not easy! Not knowing the language and even the family you're living with is only one part of it! You don't know the culture or even anyone at your school!!! It has its ups and downs ... Sometimes you just wanna fly back continue the life you've left, but sometimes it's just awesome to be here & have this amazing experience. All in all it's worth it & I love it! I'm thankful for everyone that made it possible for me getting here & everyone here that is so nice and kind to me! Guys you're just awesome! Thanks for helping me finding my classes & having an incredible time in classes! What I experience here is just amazing! Also thanks to my lovely host family for letting me live with you and all what you did for me!! THANK YOU ♥ It just started! 7 months to go!

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