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Finally spring break! It was planned that I should stay at the house of my host aunt because before my host family got me, they planed to go to a Oklahoma City Thunder Basketball game. So they didn't have enough tickets, that I could go with them. But I was fine with it because it wasn't their fault.

So the first days of my spring break we went Prom dress shopping!!! Yeah! On Saturday we drove to Amarillo - my host mom, my host aunt, Sydney (a friend of us and she also needed a prom dress) and me :) Prom dress shopping is so fun! I couldn't decide which dress I wanted to pick but then I decided to take the cheaper one. I chose a coral colored one and only payed $40 for it because we got 70% on it! It was so cheap :)

I bought this prom dress

After we bought the dress we went a little bit more shopping in the mall and yes... you can see we had a lot of fun. In Hibbet Sports they didn't have changing rooms so I just tried the shorts over my pants on! And at Victoria's Secret you got a free pair of panties we you uploaded a picture on Instagram.

I didn't know that there was the Route 66

The day before my host family was fixing to leave to Oklahoma City (OKC) they supprised the kids with the Basketball tickets for the Thunder game. But they didn't just supprised the kids ... they also supprised me! They wrote me a letter that I'm going to OKC with them!!! I spent the evening with packing my bags and in the morning we headed to Oklahoma City! 5 hours of drive... In Oklahoma City we went to a horse barn, gambling hall, the zoo, shopping, the OKC memorial, and a lot more... I just let the pictures talk a little bit.

My host sister loves it to play with my hand

I had a wonderful spring break and I will never forget the great time! Thank you to my hostfamily to take me to all these places :)

See you!
Your Christina ♥

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